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The Very Unique and Personal Journey, Wherein your Faith ignites your Passion! And the Relentless Pursuit of Purpose Reveals your Authentic Destiny!

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Shanda Lee

Wife | Mother | Writer | Blogger | Author | Minister | Friend Lover of Jesus


Check out my latest blog post! I write from a female, wife, mother, and daughter point of view. We see the world a little differently than our male counterparts and that's ok. We're not all petite little princesses looking to be saved by prince charming. But we're not always leaders or trailblazers. We have fears, doubts, and setbacks like anyone else. I blog about any and every topic that comes to mind. Faith, finances, sex, religion, politics, social concerns, and so much more! Come join me and let me know what you think.

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Life Strategist

My name is Shanda Lee. I'm a Life Strategist who helps people (especially women) Authenticate, Validate, and Create what their unique journey to Purpose and Destiny looks like.

I engage my audience by livestream, IG, and soon my first book!

What Matters Most

Wanna keep up with what I'm doing? Follow me and my crazy family as we engage in everyday life. I'm a wife of 25 years, a mother to two amazing young ladies, and often enjoy time away from crowds!

The Authentication Process

My husband, Jeffrey, and I are in the final stages of creating and launching several online courses, an engaging community, and membership site to help you create, embrace, and walk out Your Authentic Journey. If you'd like to be one of the first to know about our upcoming launch, sign up for our On-T.A.P. Wait List today!

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